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Connecting a New Domain

Last updated on September 26, 2023

Please follow the steps below to purchase and connect a new domain to your Liinks profile.

1) Navigate to your Settings tab, scroll to the Custom Domains section, and click the Connect New Domain button

2) We've partnered with Inhost Domains to provide a quick and easy way to purchase your domain and automatically connect it to your ShortUR profile. Click on the Connect button - you will be redirected to InHost Domains to find and purchase your domain. 

Please note that your domain is purchased and managed through Google Domains, and you are in no way "locking in" the domain with ShortURL. If you choose to, you can point this domain to another website or hosting service at a later date.

3) We will prefill the search with your username, but you can search for anything you'd like to use for your domain. Once you find a domain you like, click on it.

4) Click the Buy button next to the domain you'd like to purchase

5) Click the Check out button when you're ready to purchase. 

6) Enter your billing and payment info to purchase and register your domain. Notice the DNS records section - this is what points your domain to your Liinks profile. When you're ready to complete your purchase, click the Buy button.

7) IMPORTANT: please do not close the tab/window while your domain is being registered, if you do so it will be harder to connect your domain to your Liinks profile.

8) IMPORTANT: When your domain is successfully registered, do not close the tab. Instead, you should click the Continue to Liinks button (or wait to be redirected automatically). 

9) Once you return to Liinks you should see and alert indicating that your domain was added

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